Not just a place to work.

A way of thinking.

Working at Spire

There are four types of people: those who can see the problem, those who can imagine the solution, those who can build the solution, and Spire People, those who can do it all.

At Spire, technology is only a tool, a medium by which creativity and innovation are expressed to the outside world.  Anybody can build things (it’s been said, “if you can google it, you can develop it”), but very few people can imagine all the possibilities on the road ahead, while solely focusing on the ones that provide the most value and the highest return.

Spire People change businesses and products through consulting, they create and craft bespoke worlds for users, they engineer simple and elegant technologies, they make the complex seem simple and the difficult seem easy.

It’s not about the perks (although they’re great!), it’s about coming to a place everyday that satisfies an insatiable curiosity.  It’s about the people, the clients, their businesses, their concerns, their success.

A relatively obscure brand once challenged, “Think Different”.  Spire People “Think Different(ly)” because they deny the existence of the box, while still appreciating good grammar.

Are you Spire People?


What We're Looking For

Ruby/Rails Developer


Full-Stack PHP Developer


Node Developer


iOS Developer


React Native Developer


Android Developer


Front-End Developer


Java Developer


React Web Developer


Full Stack Magento Developer


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