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We're always thinking about R.O.I.

We're always thinking about R.O.I.


Successful products begin with an understanding of the customer. Spire’s product team uses a host of customer research techniques to reduce risk by separating fact from fiction.

With priorities in place, Spire can begin “the build”, testing and assessing each waypoint on the roadmap with customer feedback. Tight feedback loops and an unrelenting focus on ROI allow Spire to ship meaningful, capital-efficient products, with industry-leading speeds-to-market.

Product at Spire
Empathy is our greatest tool

Empathy is our greatest tool


Great user experiences are designed with great empathy.

Spire’s design team combines ongoing qualitative and quantitative testing with best practices, and a sprinkle of instinct, to design user experiences, interfaces, and brands that intuitively complement customers’ mental models, while reinforcing their connection with the business.

Design at Spire
Engineering at Spire

Embrace Change


Delivering high quality custom applications should be repeatable, predictable, enjoyable, and even “easy”.

Spire’s engineers fulfill on this promise everyday through our proprietary development methodology, SpireLean, guided by these core values:

Ship fast and learn faster, remove waste, design and build in one-piece, collaborate, build in quality, refactor, continuously integrate, continuously deploy, and continually improve.

Engineering at Spire